Riding Your Horse…in the Winter?

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The same thing goes for riding your horse in the winter. At first, it might sound like a really preposterous idea. But soon after, you do realize that since many of your horseback riding friends have done it, maybe it’s not so impossible and unthinkable after all. At the end of the day, all you need is a full set of good advice on what to do when it comes to horseback riding in the winter. If you want you can shop online using kortingscode bol.com for used school books to know more information about horseback riding and apply the tips you have learned this coming winter.

Riding Your Horse in Winter: What to Do

First, you need to schedule your rides (and fulfill the schedule) for several times a week. The aim should be about five to six times in a week. This is especially important if you're a competition rider or want to ensure that young horses get used to the work required of them.

Second, you need to use common sense when determining riding conditions. Generally speaking, if the conditions aren’t safe for you to ride in winter, then they won’t be safe for your horse either. There is no temperature bar to riding a horse, provided that it’s not too cold for you and that your horse has adapted to the temperature, which requires regular outings. This means avoid riding during fierce cold winds, severe thunderstorms, or blizzards.

Third, you have to make sure that you have prepped and you maintain your horse’s hooves regularly. Mud buildup in the hooves can cause serious thrush infections. Well-trimmed hooves additionally have a better grip on icy surfaces than neglected hooves do. If your area necessitates it, you should also invest in a hoof pick to take with you on rides. This tool allows you to remove ice and snow packed into your horse’s hooves as necessary. You shop the tools you need on online shops and you can avail discounts like "zalando lounge kortingscode" or zalando lounge discount code. If you want to blog about your horse riding experience online, you can create a content and purchase traffic to get more visitors to your website.